Preliminary Stage:

The Global Cuisine Awards - China’s Top restaurant study group will invite 30 American journalists from different specialties to select 300 Chinese mainland restaurants as survey respondents.

Survey Stage:

After completion of the early stage primary research, the study group will create a questionnaire about all participating restaurants. The questionnaires will be sent to the U.S. Citizens who have traveled to China between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016. An independent accounting firm will calculate the decision. The survey is one hundred percent public opinion, and will reveal the China Best Restaurant.

Network check stage:

Nominations selected by data analysis and the task group in accor- dance with individual, comprehensive, and category through the Inter- net voting and expert interviews to rank.

Final stage:

American Food Association - China Top Restaurant Review Commit- tee will make the final selection of award-winning restaurant.

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1. After announcement of the survey results for Global Cuisine Awards - China’s Top restaurants, we enter the GCA in China’s Top Restaurant single honor nomination stage. The specific time, total list be published within 72 hours, the task group is responsible for group related personnel, group discussion and review.

2. Global Cuisine Awards- China’s Top Restaurants will survey the first index of the Chinese restaurant which will be recommended as a nominee of “China’s Best Cuisine restaurant”. After the discussion by task group, we will present a certificate of “Top Restaurant” in recognition of its outstanding contribution.

3. The minimum number of nominations for each awards is no less than three.

4. The maximum number of nominations for each of the other awards is no more than three.

5. The task group provides a printed secret ballot.

6. In the nomination ballot, all votes are scored using the preferred and weighted average method. Non-nominated restaurants can participate in the final selection.

7. If the restaurant declines the selection due, we do not add new nominees to fill the position. This honor will enter the next round of voting with less of a nomination.

8. The Global Cuisine Awards- China’s Top Restaurants task group review members committed that they do not carry out illegal canvassing activities.

9. Any member of the jury shall not affect the morally impartial justice which may have a negative impact on the American Food Association brand.

Nomination Process of Honor